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Thredbo Valley Horse Riding
Man From Snowy River - Copyright to TVHR
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About Us


Through years of love, sweat and tears the business continues to grow every day as does Nev's passion for these beautiful animals. Nev prides himself in the skill, intelligence and kind nature of his horses and believes spending time with them and riding in the picturesque Thredbo Valley “is the best fun you can have with your clothes on”!

Nev plays an important role in trying to protect and support the wild brumbies that live in the Snowy Mountains. Brumbies that have been educated by Nev and are now proudly ridden by customers who can’t believe how gentle, smart and awe-inspiring these creatures are.

Nev's passion for the history, the land and its people, coupled with his overwhelming commitment to the horses of the mountains, is what gives Thredbo Valley Horse Riding it’s unique character and keeps visitors coming back year after year.

Come and experience Thredbo Valley Horse Riding, meet Nev and his team (both two legged and four legged!) ……….. and experience the majestic Snowy Mountains on horseback!


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