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TVHR has recently ‘dipped their toes’ into various film, celebrity and public appearances. We are very happy to have had these experiences in the television and entertainment Industry and are incredibly excited to see what the future holds. These include:

ACT Brumbies Rugby Union Television Advertisement

TVHR was offered the truly unique experience of providing horses to star in this commercial. With trick horses and all! Watching the Rugby Union Football stars engage with our horses in a safe controlled environment was a testament to the quality of our mob.

Thredbo Valley Horse Riding

Range Rover Adventure Passport

This documentary starred Will Zillman and focussed on the newest model from Range Rover, a fantastic vehicle. TVHR escorted the film crew and vehicle into a remote location for the opportunity to film some Brumbies in their natural habitat. What a wonderful experience it was for the talent as well as the film crew. TVHR provided the saddle horses for this filming.

Channel 7 Sunrise Morning Program

In March 2018, TVHR was asked to do the Weather segment on horseback with James Tobin for Sunrise. Live TV is a whole heap of fun and our horses were super stars. James Tobin certainly enjoyed his ride on “William”.  We look forward to more experience within this industry.

Thredbo Valley Horse Riding
Thredbo Valley Horse Riding


TVHR has provided horses and horsemen for this company for many years now. Public appearances with many variables.  From large crowds, to performing live poetry, as well as racing against mountain bikes on horseback! TVHR is proud to continue to provide both horse and human talent every year for this wonderful company. This is a true testament to the confidence of our staff, our horses and our training.

The Fly Program

This documentary program is truly unique and we are super proud to be a part of it. The Documentary puts a focus on PTSD within the military and how being out in the wilderness with good mates on an adventure of a lifetime can help with the healing process. TVHR is very happy to be a part of this program and will continue to assist wherever we are able with the participants of The Fly Program, well into the future.

Anzac Day

25th April every year is very special to TVHR. Assembled at dawn, we stand proud to have the honour to show respect to firstly our military personnel past and present, but also to represent the horses that fell during wars around the world. TVHR has provided horses for The Mounted Rifles from New Zealand in 2017, and travelled many kilometres with them to honour the soldiers and horses from the district – TVHR’s horses even marched down Anzac Parade to the War Memorial in Canberra with 12 other Snowy Mountains Riders and their horses in commemoration of the Australian and New Zealand Light Horse. Truly a once in a lifetime honour.

Thredbo Valley Horse Riding
Thredbo Valley Horse Riding

The Man From Snowy River Re-Enactment 2018 and 2019

This event was, in a word, “epic!”  The company’s greatest achievement yet… 16 horses, 9 staff, many kilometres travelled to have the absolutely amazing experience of performing in front of approximately 4500 spectators as Guy McLean recited the infamous Banjo Patterson poem “The Man from Snowy River”. To have this exposure and pressure of large crowds, plus the unique opportunity to show off our mob’s talent, was awesome. What the future holds for appearances like this is very exciting!

Photography credits to Di Watson

Thredbo Valley Horse Riding
Thredbo Valley Horse Riding
Thredbo Valley Horse Riding
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